Isetan Mitsukoshi Way

Group Slogan  --

Interfacing with Excellence

Group Philosophy  --

Striving to interface with integrity, flexibility and dynamism

  • We strive to interface with every customer
    We wholeheartedly respond to customer needs and expectations through our focus on superlative service.
  • We strive to interface with coworkers
    We enhance our knowledge and skills together to create new value.
  • We strive to interface with our shareholders
    We faithfully respond to shareholder expectations by pursuing ambitious targets and practicing fair and transparent management.
  • We strive to interface with our partners
    We cultivate the optimum partners for achieving our shared goal of delivering customer satisfaction.
  • We strive to interface with communities, society and the Earth
    We contribute to the fulfillment of aspirations.

Cultivating irreplaceable relationships of trust far into the future

Group Vision  --

Becoming “my indispensable department store for each individual customer throughout his or her life by continually creating high quality, new lifestyles and being of use to our customers in the many different aspects of their lives. By doing so, we aim to become the world’s foremost solution provider group with high profitability and sustained growth.”