Analysis of betting study statistics

Many punters limit their betting to a single click. This is because of problems, worries or because they just want to bet because of the simplicity of the action. Big mistake. Never overlook all the important aspects required to place a bet, although even then there is no guarantee of success. Entering the world of Betting Parimatch on sports requires responsibility and seriousness, as well as inevitably a lot of work, which in turn requires time and patience.


A good betting analysis involves several questions. Once the event is selected (assuming it is a football match), the first thing to do is to access all the data that make up the state of the protagonists' teams. Even if you don't have all the latest data, you should refer to the latest results, position in the standings, goals scored and conceded, disqualified and injured, goals to be achieved in this situation.

You should also take into account the level these teams have recently shown, the tactics and strategies normally used. and what results are achieved when playing home and away, depending on the situation. Similarly, be aware of any other factors that may affect the sport (corporate crisis, lack of payment, etc.).

As far as statistics are concerned, it's not just the news that counts. Although the past does not play a direct role, there may be situations that can be influenced by it. That is why it is always a good idea to have league data for several bets, as it can be an interesting addition.

Other sources of analysis

Since betting is not limited to favouring the winner of a football match, research and observations can be directed at other aspects. For example, for something more general. An option in this regard is to select the championships for analysis at a level that generates : number of home and away wins; total number of draws; goals scored by home and away teams; number of goals per game; first and second half performance of teams.

This type of data will be used to enter various bets such as exact score, half-time result, more/lower (more goals/less goals than) and whether both registered teams offer the highest odds, among others.

Do not give an advantage

Although no further explanation is really necessary, as it is advisable to pay attention to all of the above.