BC Parimatch entrance to the site and the possibilities of a personal account

To gain access to all the features of the site, entering the Parimatch betting account is a prerequisite. Anonymous guests cannot place bets or even watch online sports. Authorization takes a few seconds, and if there is no account yet, registration will also not take much time.

Features of the entrance to LC Parimatch

  • Login: Phone, email or account number
  • Password recovery: Yes, via SMS code
  • Mirror Login: Available

Actions when you first enter the official Parimatch website

To register on the BC website, you need a phone number, to which an SMS code will be sent. You will also need to select the game currency, come up with a password, confirm the age of majority and agree with the club rules. Immediately after this, there is an automatic entry into Parimatch. Each new client is assigned an individual gaming account, which can later be used as a login.

To gain access to all the options, you must specify additional information about yourself (section "Personal data"):

  • name and surname;
  • date of birth;
  • email;
  • country and city;
  • the answer to any of the suggested security questions.

To verify documents, you need to open your personal account on the PariMatch website and go to "Account confirmation". A passport or driver's license will do. In the first case, you will need to send copies of spreads with a photo and a selfie with the page of the last photo. The driver's license is removed from the front side and against the background of the owner.

How to enter your PariMatch personal account

For regular customers of the Parimatch bookmaker's office, it takes seconds to log into your account. Procedure:

  • Click the "Login" button in the upper right corner.
  • Enter phone, email or game account number.
  • Provide password.
  • Click Login.

The form also has a button, "Forgot your password?" in case the user cannot remember the combination. After pressing it, the system will ask for a phone number and send a new input code to it. Next, you need to come up with and confirm a new password and enter Parimatch using it.

In the mobile version and the bookmaker's application, registration and authorization are carried out in a similar way. An important condition is that only one account can be used for all platforms. Opening a second account is tantamount to fraud and is often punishable by a complete refusal to play.

Sometimes, on the official website of Parimatch, the entrance is completely unavailable. In such cases, you can continue the game on the old version of the portal or one of its copies (mirrors). The address of the replacement site can be found in the BC support service by writing down the contacts in advance. An alternative option is to follow the working link from this site. You can get into the office's account on the mirror using your username and password.