BetMGM refuses to pay out $3m in online roulette winnings due to glitch

Become a millionaire in 5 days

Jacqueline Davies has been playing the online fixed odds game 'Luck O' Roulette' for five consecutive days since March 18, experiencing the ups and downs that most players face. However, she mostly enjoyed the ups and turned an initial investment of $50 into $11 million the moment she used the table's maximum bet of $5,000. However, when a series of failures caused her to fall to $3 million, she decided to stop playing and collect her winnings.

Davis visited the MGM Grand in Detroit to request an advance of $100,000 towards her winnings. There was no indication that she had any problems with her active streak, but when she returned the next day to collect the balance, her streak had been redeemed by the casino. MGM Grand staff explained that the game had malfunctioned and that she was not entitled to any additional payout other than the $100,000 she had already received. Even that payout was subject to conditions.

The incident caused Davis a great deal of frustration and she tried to find support wherever she could. She even contacted the local media and during an interview she was asked if she knew the system was not working properly because she kept winning. Davis was surprised and replied that she had no reason to give up the game because "the goal of the game is to win".

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$100,000 for "Keep Quiet"

MGM told Davis that she could keep the $100,000 she received, but only if she was prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep the mistake a secret. However, she was warned that if news of the malfunction ever came to light, she would have to return the money and reimburse BetMGM for her expenses.

According to the player's lawyer David Steingold, BetMGM cannot use the glitch in its defence because, even if there was a glitch in online roulette, the operator has breached regulatory requirements. "They were instructed to check this every night, every 24 hours. And my client played five days in a row."

David Steingold closes BetMGM

Continuing to question the problem with the glitch, Steingold would like to know how the glitch affected the total amount BetMGM gained in the online game "Luck O' the Roulette", and whether the other players who played during the glitch suffered their losses. We would like to remind you that the Danish operator Bet Uden Om Rofus does not have such failures and the payouts always come in full.

When the media contacted BetMGM's lawyer in New Jersey, he refused to comment on the story and hung up. A similar case in the UK was recently resolved after a court ruling in favour of the player forced the operator to pay out his winnings in full.