How do I make winning bets at Parimatch?

Parimatch in Malaysia is very popular with bettors in Malaysia. Many people do not manage to beat the betting experts on a regular basis.

The main reason is a gross mistake made at the beginning, right before registering with the bookmaker. The first thing to do is to identify the weaknesses of the bookmaker's office. This will make it possible to place winning bets with a frightening frequency for the company. If you identify the weaknesses of the licensed operator, it will be possible to understand how to make winning bets at BK Parimatch.

Where are the bookmakers' weaknesses hiding?

It is worth making a small clarification: the weakness of the BK is any deviation from the traditional methods of play. What does that mean? Bettors have become so spoilt in recent times that bettors, fighting hard with each other for potential customers, need to constantly come up with new tricks and various exotics.

For example:

  • Betting on statistics;
  • Combination variants;
  • Unusual, rare and unique outcomes;
  • Long term betting;
  • Super express (sweepstakes), etc.

Such exoticism is the weak point. Specialists at the offices, in order to interest the client, invent novelties, that is, go to the thicket, in which they themselves are not well versed. Professionals take advantage of this when they see that a frankly winning event has an unjustifiably high odds.

There aren't many weaknesses in Parimatch. However, even such a company has a few places that open up new ways to make money.

Exotic betting

The suggestion is to play on an offer such as Hosts-Hosts. This kind of bet takes into account the results of all the matches of the tour (game day).

It is possible to play on handicaps and totals. How do I place a bet based on that? Each match of the tour should be carefully analysed, where the following should be clarified first:

  • Who the majority of the leaders (home team or away team) play for;
  • Who the favourites are, and who they will be playing in the coming days;
  • If the leaders and underdogs are playing each other, look for teams that are in a worse position.

Sometimes a simple option without going too deep into the spreadsheet is enough to make a profit. Combination bets are primarily designed to increase the odds, but sometimes the opposite is also possible.

Awesome in-play options

Parimatch opens up strongly in the Live section, with a much wider spread of events than before the match.

In the top tournaments, the office gives you the opportunity to bet on statistics. With the right approach, you can bet with a high probability of winning.

Playing on congestion and slippage

There is one more weakness left. It is easy to catch Fonbet on slants in the line. It is also characteristic of BC specialists to make mistakes. And such mistakes are often made in unpopular championships, which are enough in the sports line of the licensed bookmaker.