Mathematics in sports betting

Mathematical analysis of bets

Mathematical methods แบดมินตัน ออนไลน์ allow qualitatively predict the outcome of a sports match. Their correct application and the ability to perform mathematical analysis of bets are important components of a successful career forecaster. To achieve the desired result and get an accurate prediction, the bettor needs:

  • Determine the ranking of players by collecting information data about each club;
  • Analyze the obtained indicators, dividing them into stimulating and discouraging ones;
  • make a mathematical algorithm taking into account all factors affecting the course of the game;
  • analyze the mathematical model and its statistics on the opposing team;
  • decide on the relevance of the prediction to apply to a particular competition.
  • Mathematical strategies in betting

The strategic approach involves creating bets on patterns. A bettor can independently identify patterns for each sports discipline and each individual match, or he can use popular strategic techniques, having tested them beforehand in different game situations on the betting site.

The best mathematical betting strategies are aimed at determining the most likely result of a sporting event.

Value betting mathematical methodology

The essence of this technique is to find undervalued matches bookmaker. The mathematical expectation in this case can be less than unity. This tactic will not help predict the final outcome of the event accurately and calculate the optimal bet amount. It is used to find potentially profitable events.

Mathematical strategy Kelly criterion

Quite often resort to using this tactic professional, successful bettors. Here, the amount of the bet depends on how much bank the player has, since in the case of losing a bet, the subsequent bet increases. In the case when the bet is played, the next bet decreases.

D'Alamber methodology

The idea of the strategy is to win by raising the bet when the previous one is played and lowering it when it is not. The amount increases by one unit, which is determined by the player himself, taking into account the size of the bank. The strategy allows you to get any amount for one bet, which is allowed by the bookmaker's limits.

Oscar Grind Strategy

The system is based on the principle of geometric progression. Wins and losses are distributed in two different cycles. For the cycle of losses bets remain low, for the winning section they increase. Betting is done with probability results with odds greater than two. In one cycle, bets are made until a profit is made, after which the bets are increased by one.

Betting strategy on the exact score

If you choose the right approach, it is quite probable to predict the outcome of the match. It is best to choose for such bets sports with a minimum number of score options. For example, in soccer, half of the matches end with one of five variants of the result, from 0:0 to 2:1. Correctly conducted analysis allows you to reduce the number of probable outcomes, which is enough to win on bets.