Total humiliation of bookies

What is "total" in betting, and how to earn on the game more / less?

The bookmaker's parimatch online total is simple and straightforward. It is a bet on the number of goals or points in a match scored by a team or player. Accordingly, it happens either more - TB, or less - TM, the exposed value. In the differences of totals and its competent use, we will now understand.

Half total. The most uncompromising version of the game on totals. The bookmaker chooses a half number of goals - 0,5 ;1,5; 2,5; and you are trying to predict whether you will see more or fewer goals in the match. WAR, of course, has given a lot to soccer - cancelled goals after five minutes of deliberation, assigned penalties after a completed attack, but half goals teams have not yet learned how to score even with it. Therefore, the outcome on the bet can only be two - victory or defeat. The odds on the half total is bigger, because there is no safety net.

Betting on the total is one of the favorites of professional bookies. The attraction to it is simple - the coaches often bet a certain style, play offensively or defensively, like to keep the ball or rapidly develop the attack. Knowing the team's love of adventurous attacks can steeply raise the total more. Soccer trends in different leagues are also influential. In Serie A you rarely see the score 4:4 - otherwise catenaccio will burn with shame, in the Bundesliga and the APL, on the contrary, the audience gets high from a lot of goals. Speaking of the Bundesliga. Ready to share a powerful tip on how to rip the bucks on totals and watch fiery matches.

Get active, math lovers. I've charged 18 times on Hoffe matches, a fixed amount of 100 units. The bet total more than 2.5 in that time did not play only twice! Unfortunately, the bookies are also aware of the attacking disease of the "village", and the odds on the total over two and a half on average ranged around 1.6. Whereas for ordinary matches on the same event they give 1.8 - 1.85. No problem. Let's take a calculator and calculate: 1 600*1,6 - 200 = 2 360. It was 1,800, so the initial bank increased by 560 units or 32%.

Entire total. Variant of the game on the total, in which the return is possible. An integer number of goals is taken as the basis, for example, TB (2). If the teams score two goals, your bet is calculated with odds of 1. It helps when you're just getting into the total game. I'm also sharing another tip from a trader: pragmatic teams are ideal for flirting with the TM. Need proof? Let's pull Diego Simeone's Atletico as the season progresses. "The mattresses love minimalism: scoring, closing down and often getting results with the dullest of games. And now we're going to see if there's any money to be made on it.

Individual total - when you are responsible for only one team

Total is very versatile and doesn't make you think for two teams. If you are confident in only one club or even one player, feel free to take the individual total, the abbreviation of which is very easy to recognize - ITB (ITM). Does Lionel Messi always score when he is in the starting lineup? Let's play it safe. "Barcelona" takes out the outsiders at home, shipping in packs? We'll take it on ITB (2.5)! At the Camp Nou it is difficult to keep your goal intact, so why overpay for the total total when you can get the best odds bet only on the goals of "Barça"?