Types of sports betting

The number of Parimatch betting offered by the bookmaker is sometimes difficult to count. In some offices, you can even bet on the number of tackles made by a football player during the match.

Contest outcome

This is the simplest, most understandable and popular market in which a player places a bet on the victory of one of the participants (teams) or on a draw.

Double chance

This type of bet is similar in many respects to the main outcome, only less risky. The player can bet on double results: 1X (victory of the first team or a draw, X2 (victory of the second team or a draw), 12 (victory of the first or second team).

Total Over / Under

Total is the total of goals, corners, yellow cards and other quantitative statistics. Most often, there are bets on the total goals scored by one of the teams or both - at the end of a half or a whole match.

Handicap (handicap)

Handicap, or handicap, is an artificial advantage that a bookmaker gives or takes away from teams. For example, a bet on the victory of the clear favorite of the match will be unprofitable due to the low odds. But you can bet on a negative head start of the same favorite on more attractive quotes.

Exact score

A market that is very difficult to predict is always accompanied by high odds. Even very high-quality analytics will not help here: any sporting events are too unpredictable.

Time Match

Bets on these markets involve predicting the outcome of the first half and the match as a whole.

Asian total

Markets of this variety are found in the line of not every bookmaker. The odds on Asian totals, in contrast to the usual ones, contain quarters after the whole number. This total covers two immediate outcomes at once.


This is the most common type of bet, in which the bettor places a bet on only one chosen outcome, regardless of the market. This can be a bet on the main outcome, total, handicap, or even the exact score.


In this type of bets, the bettor makes a “wholesale” bet on two or more outcomes in one coupon. In this case, the odds of individual outcomes are summed up. Express bets attract novice players, but this type of bet cannot be called profitable. Indeed, in addition to the odds, the bookmaker's margin is also summed up.


The system bet is a combined bet that includes several express bets. Unlike a traditional multi bet, such a bet can be played even if separate selections do not play. The system must include at least three choices. Let's give an example: in a line we select four outcomes in different events, add them to the coupon. If the functionality of the online bookmaker allows you to create a system, choose this type of bet. Our 3 out of 4 bet wins if three out of four selections are played.