What you can bet on

Long-term bets

Long-term bets - for the patient, on the winners of various tournaments in Parimatch have a separate section. There are bets on football, hockey, basketball, volleyball championships, handball, snooker, rugby, American football tournaments, bets on the winners of the overall standings in winter sports. Even golf and darts - the list of candidates for victory in the long-term line-up spans many competitors.

Those who don't want to wait and are used to playing non-stop, bet on virtual sports. The site features football, basketball and tennis and in these sections competitions take place around the clock, with minimal interruptions. Betting here means playing with a computer and a random number generator. Technology providers for bookmakers create programmes where the algorithm battles it out with itself to the delight of spectators. However, is this so far from reality? How many of us know Ronaldo or Messi personally?

A player betting on virtual sports can watch the game in high-flying mode directly on the betting shop's website. You should not rely on what you see on screen to place your bets, sports laws do not apply and a team at the top of the table can easily lose to an underdog if the situation demands it.

In virtual sports betting there is no human factor influencing the game - injuries, players' mistakes, and incorrect refereeing decisions. Waiting for a match to start takes minutes or even seconds, and rounds differ only in numbers but not in the line-up. Players can learn the nature of computer-controlled characters as well as the style of play of real-life competitors.

What to bet on. 5 top tips for beginners

  • If you have some free time, you want to analyse the pre-match conditions and place your bets responsibly - go to the pre-match line, in live betting you do it intuitively, in a split second.
  • If you want to decide what to bet on, based on what you see on the pitch, try Betting online Parimatch - the pre-match streams often don't match up with the action on the pitch and you can win with watching the action in real time;
  • If you don't like to wait around and you only take your bets as a chance to tickle your nerves, without getting attached to any football teams or studying sports, virtual sports betting is ideal for you;
  • There are sports that are ideal for in-play betting strategies, such as volleyball, badminton and table tennis;
  • Often live betting companies will take into account overtime in hockey and basketball, but not in the pre-match line-up - find out more about that in the betting company rules!

The selection of events and types of bets in the bookmaker's office Parimatch is good both for the classic game on the pre-match line, and for betting during the match. A good line helps to make good bets and increases the chances of winning.