Preview GirlsGoGames: Alice Madness Returns

Preview GirlsGoGames: Alice Madness Returns: Eleven years ago, Alice's parents died in a fire, and she herself received severe burns. The relentless flames scorched not only the child's body, but her mind as well. The girl ended up in a psychiatric hospital. There she fought for a long time with the demons that prevailed over her, slipping into the world of her own fantasies - Wonderland. Ten years of treatment were not in vain - Alice was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition.

Now the girl lives in London, she is constantly monitored by a psychiatrist. However, the consequences of severe psychological trauma are still making themselves felt: eerie hallucinations continue to haunt Alice, invading reality. To get rid of nightmares, the unfortunate woman tries to understand the cause of her torment. But the girl's mind is tormented, she is unable to cope with fears and nervous tension caused by strange memories, dreams and visions. After moving to London obsessions, which have become brighter and more terrible, pursue Alice even more persistently.

Maybe it's better to go to Wonderland again? It always helped... And Alice goes into the world of dreams in search of security, tranquility and truth about her past - something that she cannot find in the real world. However, during her absence, Wonderland has changed a lot. Something terrible has happened, and a terrible evil has now settled in the once beautiful refuge. Will Alice be able to save Wonderland, and at the same time herself, from all-consuming madness?

Old acquaintances in a new guise.

Traveling through the dark, devastated Wonderland, you will meet familiar characters who have transformed beyond recognition - the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar and the Queen of Hearts.

Curiouser and curiouser.

An explosive kettle-cannon, a deadly wand with a horse's head and the classic shearing sword - the heroine has a rich arsenal of extravagant weapons that can be upgraded.

Everything is more wonderful and more wonderful.

In Wonderland, Alice will acquire extremely unusual abilities: she will be able to float in the air thanks to the wide hem of her dress, shrink or, conversely, grow up to heaven to crush opponents, leaving only a wet place for them.

Let's move our brains.

On this dangerous and strange journey, you will face a variety of tricky puzzles. You will have to overcome obstacles in unusual ways, memorize melodies, solve chess puzzles and make pictures from fragments.